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Howdy Kendall County!

Write of Center - 15 April 2023


I’m Buck Rogers, Chairman of the Kendall County Republican Party. I want to take just a little bit of your time this weekend and remind y’all what our local party stands for. Then, recommend you strongly consider supporting Texas House Bill 3995 Safe Guarding Military Readiness. And finally, thank you for your support of our Go RED Gala 2023.

Our Republican values are based on the conservative principles of freedom, security, & prosperity! Freedom based on equal opportunity for every individual with a heartbeat. Freedom that allows decisions affecting the community such as education, resource protection, and taxes made at the lowest local level. Security for our country with a strategy that includes protecting homeland borders, and allies that share our values and democratic principles. Security on our home front means following the Constitution, defending the rule of law, and supporting of our first responders. Finally, prosperity for every individual through limited government by citizen legislators. Support for term limits to ensure citizen legislators’ rule. And a limited tax burden that unleashes our entrepreneurial spirit to provide freedom and opportunity.

Our local Republican Party is an all-volunteer organization. We are affiliated with our national & state parties, but we are local and fiercely independent! Our focus is to grow the Republican party at the grass roots level. To continue our decades-long success, we need volunteers like you. You are the folks that we count on to perform day-to-day operations for the party. During elections, we provide trained and knowledgeable clerks and judges to work polling place operations. We develop, recruit, and vet candidates for public office. We support our nominees. The party runs both the precinct and the county Republican Conventions where we select our delegates to the State Republican Party Convention. If you are interested in becoming more involved, please visit our website and click on the “Get Involved” tab.

Next, I’d like to bring your attention to Texas House Bill 3995 Safe Guarding Military Readiness. It is authored by our State District 19 Representative Ellen Troxclair, with input from local county officials. Some background: The Texas Hill Country and Camp Bullis Sentinel Landscape are facing a mounting number of challenges affecting the long-term resilience of the region’s natural resources. New housing, commercial, and industrial development contributes to the loss of agricultural lands and increased ambient light pollution, impacting night-time military training. Growing demands on existing water supply have led to the loss of spring flow and aquifer drawdowns, impacting drinking water supplies for Camp Bullis, rural landowners, towns, and cities.

These and other challenges have attracted a myriad of partners to come together to create a collective vision for how to invest in protecting the natural resources that define the region as it grows. This bill will give Kendall County leadership tools to address natural resource conservation, and partner with other local agencies in the Camp Bullis Sentinel Landscape to protect our natural resources and the $139 billion economic impact of Joint Base San Antonio! Please visit the Kendall County website ( and take their House Bill 3995 public survey at the top of the webpage.

Lastly, I want to thank all those who are planning on attending our Go RED Gala 2023, “Let’s Talk About It…” A casual evening with the Honorable Rick Perry, on Wednesday 19 April. There are still general admission tickets available. Once again, it is you, the citizens of Kendall County who provide the resources that allow us to execute our mission. We will be good stewards of the resources you provide, wisely using them for - Get Out the Vote (GOTV) communications, candidate forums, county party conventions, HQ overhead costs in Boerne and Comfort, social media, printing, mailing and candidate support. All funds remain here!

The Kendall County Republican Party appreciates your continued support and more importantly your vote in future elections!

Cheers, Buck

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