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Chip Roy Defund DHS


Please call them! Let them know you expect them to join Chip Roy and the Texas Reps already signed onto the letter to defund the DHS until the Biden Admin commits to securing the border.

Remind them that Texas has the largest border and MUST be secure.

Specifically target the Reps who sit on Homeland Security and/or Appropriations

Dan Crenshaw (R-TX-02) 202- 225-6565

Jake Ellzey (R-TX-06) 202- 225-2002 (Appropriations Committee)

Michael McCaul (R-TX-10) 202-225-2401 (Homeland Security Committee)

August Pfluger (R-TX-11)202-225-3605 ( Homeland Security)

Kay Granger (R-TX-12) 202-225-5071 ( Appropriations Committee)

Monica De La Cruz (R-TX-15) 202-225-9901

Jodey Arrington (R-TX-19) 202-225-4005 (Budget Committee)

Tony Gonzales (R-TX-23) 202-225-4511 ( Homeland Security/ Appropriations Committees)

John Carter (R-TX-31) 202-225-3864 ( Appropriations Committee)


Please take the time to call and thank them for their support and thank Chip for his Leadership, Patriotism, and Commitment to Texas and the US

Chip Roy (R-TX-21) 202-225 4236

Brian Babin (R-TX-35) 202-225-1555

Wesley Hunt (R-TX-38) 202-225-4865

Keith Self (R-TX-03) 202-225-4201

Randy Weber (R-TX-14) 202-225-2831

Beth Van Duyne (R-TX-24) 202-225-6605

Michael Burgess (R-TX-26) 202-225-7772

Michael Cloud (R-TX-27) 202-225-7742

Lance Gooden (R-TX-04) 202-225-3484

Troy Nehls (R-TX-22) 202-225-5951

Pete Sessions (R-TX-17) 202-225-6105

Ronny Jackson (R-TX-13) 202-225-3706

Pat Fallon (R-TX-04) 202-225-6673

Morgan Luttrell (R-TX-08) 202-225-4901

Nathaniel Moran (R-TX-01) 202-225-3035

Congressman Roy's Letter

Dear Colleague,

The State of Texas is bearing the brunt of a national crisis at our southern border directly resulting from the unlawful and irresponsible actions of President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas.

Criminal cartels maintain operational control of the border. Migrants are dying on Texas ranches and along the Rio Grande. Little children are enslaved in the sex-trafficking trade – the tragic story for hundreds of thousands brought to light in the “The Sound of Freedom.” Fences are being cut, livestock are escaping, ranchers are threatened, and high-speed chases are tearing through small towns. Perhaps most deadly, dangerous fentanyl is pouring into our communities via an open border – empowering China and cartels while killing 200 Americans per day(1).

As a consequence, Governor Abbott has been forced to use Texas’ limited resources to do at least part of the job the federal government refuses – and the Texas Legislature has had to appropriate nearly $10 billion through Operation Lonestar and related efforts. Rather than reimburse Texas for its efforts, which benefit all Americans, the Biden administration has filed suit against our state citing “humanitarian concerns,” purposefully ignoring the humanitarian crisis of its own making(2).

House Republicans have taken action to force the question in passing H.R. 2 – the strongest border security bill to ever pass Congress – and hold Secretary Mayorkas and other Biden officials accountable in committee hearings. However, this amounts to nothing more than political theater if we are unwilling to use the strongest tool granted to us by the founders – the power of the purse – to force the change necessary to protect Texas and secure the border.

Federal funding expires on September 30, at which point we will no doubt face consideration of a continuing resolution (CR) or full-year appropriations measures to fund the Biden administration. Enacting a CR would unacceptably mean continuing the funding level and policies of the disastrous FY 2023 omnibus, which Speaker McCarthy correctly argued perpetuates the border crisis(3). Passing a full-year DHS appropriations bill without forcing the significant change necessary to secure the southern border is equally objectionable, even with some policy riders.

Therefore, while simultaneously working to reduce spending levels and address other urgent policy matters, we must use the power of the purse to force President Biden to end the carnage resulting from open borders. No appropriation should fund DHS until the necessary steps are taken to secure the border, such as: 1) signing H.R. 2, or similar strong border security legislation, into law and prohibiting funds from being used in contravention of its provisions, including by mass releasing migrants through the CBP One app or otherwise; 2) adopting policies that give law enforcement and/or our military the tools necessary to target dangerous cartels; 3) ensuring Secretary Mayorkas is removed from office, resigns, or is fired; and/or 4) reimbursing Texas the $10 billion – to date – for Operation Lonestar and related border security efforts, as well as any other border state that has demonstrated such significant law-enforcement related expenses.

Simply put, no member of Congress should agree to fund a federal agency at war with his state and people. We have a moral obligation to protect our states, our nation, and, importantly, the migrant children getting abused from the disaster transpiring at our southern border. No border security, no funding.


Chip Roy Member of Congress




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